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What Colors You Should be Wearing and Why

Tracy Nicole

Posted on April 01 2021

What Colors You Should be Wearing and Why

Someone once told me that the dreams that we remember are the ones that are in color. That really stuck out to me because those who know me and who have been following my brand for a while know how obsessed I am with color meanings. The colors we wear evoke different feelings and emotions. The colors we wear most and our favorite colors are representations of who we are- our personalities. For instance, my favorite color is purple - the color of royalty.

Every color that is in both the Tracy Nicole Clothing and the SIMPLE by Tracy line was intentionally and deliberately selected to evoke a certain feeling from my customers buying the pieces and a certain response from people who see them in their TNC or SIMPLE pieces.
The colors that make up the Tracy Nicole Clothing palette were specially crafted to be colors that look good on every skin tone. If you are in a color that does not compliment your skin tone, you will not feel confident in that color; and no positive feeling will be evoked. Now, there are certain colors that look good on every skin tone (red, royal blue, neon green, etc), and it was extremely important to me that I create a palette of colors for this line that every woman could feel her most confident in.
The colors that make up the SIMPLE palette were hand-selected evoke a feeling that is just that…simple. It gives a “uniform” vibe that you can jump up and go handle your business in, but still look completely fabulous! When I created the palette, I was thinking of colors that were calming, colors that make me think of the spa and relaxing. As a busy, working mom who is constantly on the go, I wanted something that when I wear my pieces, I can just exhale and remind myself to take a second to simply breathe.
Do you understand the meaning behind the colors you wear? Below is a full list of the colors used in the Tracy Nicole Clothing and SIMPLE by Tracy collections, and their meanings:

Royal Blue - represents loyalty, sincerity, wisdom and confidence

Apple Green - self-confident, secure, natural and healthy

Blush Pink - caring, compassion, unconditional love

Red - represents energy, passion and determination

Black - represents elegance, power and strength

Creamy White - quiet, pleasantness, calm, richer and purer than white

Grey - timeless and practical, while also being cool and balanced

Taupe - neutral, calm and relaxing


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