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5 Years and Counting ...

Tracy Nicole

Posted on August 12 2018

The fifth year anniversary is significant to both business owners and cancer survivors;  I am both... In 2013 after battling breast cancer and coming out victorious, I decided to take my decade of experience in the fashion industry and create my own lane: the thriving line of Tracy Nicole Clothing.  In 2018 both Tracy Nicole, the creator, and Tracy Nicole Clothing are celebrating five years of being cancer free and in business, respectively.  This is what the significance of five years means to me as both a business owner and a cancer survivor.

2013 was a big year for me.  I was preparing for a self-esteem workshop with Elite Sisterhood when I got the call that would change the course of my life: I was told I had cancer.  These are big words, that came with multiple emotions, options and outcomes.  Given that I have two little girls, I only focused on one outcome:  I would be okay.  Drawing from not only my inner strength, but the love and support of my amazing circle of friends, I knew that I had it in me to come out of the circumstance a survivor.  Documenting my journey in my personal blog Beneath the Petals helped me gain the courage to actuate my brand.

Not only did I gain the courage to officially launch Tracy Nicole Clothing online, I was also honored by the opportunity to showcase my line in a gala to raise money for 50 Shades of Pink, a nonprofit founded by Dr. Jackie Walters, of Married to Medicine, that celebrates the inner and outer beauty of breast cancer patients and survivors.  When Dr. Jackie called me to detail her plans to throw a gala to launch the nonprofit, I was thrilled.  I went to work on immediately designing and sewing every single piece.

Although the Tracy Nicole Brand was started years before I officially launched the line, over the past five years Tracy Nicole Clothing has grown tremendously.  From pop-up shops at Spa Sydell, a full collection carried in Belk Stores. Runway productions with Porsche Motor Company, to being featured at this year's Essence Festival with Ford Motor Company in New Orleans.  The response from the Essence Article has been amazing!  It was a theme throughout my recovery that looking good helped me feel better.  I felt as if "I cannot control what is going on in my body but I can control how I look" and that made me feel good. I took this thought process and applied it to the design of my clothing.  Not only is each piece designed to be comfortable, classic, and timeless; each piece is named after a woman who has inspired me in some kind of way.

Fifty percent of businesses fail within the first five years and the odds of cancer recurring decline rapidly after five years.  I have been blessed to overcome both statistics this year.  2018 is a year of reflection, triumph and gratitude.  I can't wait to share what's coming next!  In the words of my survivor sister Jaquitta Williams, "I'm still here."


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  • Ann Mijanovich: August 14, 2018

    I am truly honored to know you and so very proud of you! Thank you for sharing.

  • Aeshia DeVore Branch: August 13, 2018

    Thank you for sharing your story soror. Your testament is beyond inspiring and it is a blessing to know you. Wishing you a lifetime of health and success. Keep shining beautiful woman. xo

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