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Stress Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month

Tracy Nicole

Posted on April 29 2021

Stress Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month and May is Mental Health Awareness Month? There are so many young girls silently suffering with depression, stress and anxiety; and they don't even know where to being to cope. This really hits home for a lot of people, especially during COVID. Nearly 42 percent of teens reported they are not doing enough or aren't sure if they are doing enough to manage their stress and mental health. We want to change this narrative and increase awareness in young adults, and provide them with tools to cope with stress.

(You can purchase your "I Choose Me" t-shirt - available in both kids and adult sizes - to help support the campaign on our website at

I know first hand on may levels the physical and emotional effects of stress. This is why Tracy Nicole Clothing, SIMPLE by Tracy and the Tracy Nicole Foundation have partnered with Elite Sisterhood, Inc. to launch the "I Choose Me" campaign. Our mission is to help create and provide self-care boxes to donate to teenage girls. Each young lady will receive amazing self-care products, coping tools, educational materials and an "I Choose Me" t-shirt in their box!

(Check out the Designer vs. Stylist Live "I Choose Me" IGTV on Instagram -

Last week, I got on live with stylist Kimberly Harden Elite Sisterhood, Inc. and had a very candid conversation about what is happening with our young girls suffering from depression, anxiety and stress; and what it is we can do to help! If you haven't yet, head over to my personal Instagram page @tracynicoleatl to watch the live!

As a mom of two teenage girls, I see how being a teenager these days is much harder than it used to be. The pressures are coming from the outside and the inside! The CDC reports that of children aged 4-17 years old, 36.6 percent of them have anxiety and 20.3 percent of them have depression. COVID-19 has only made things worse for these teens. I am determined jot bring awareness to adolescent mental health and provide support to young women hat identify as experiencing stress.

(To make a donation to the Tracy Nicole Foundation and the 'I Choose Me' campaign, visit

This collaborative campaign will provide young women with a variety of empowerment tools to address and help overall better their mental health and well-being! The Tracy Nicole Foundation is also accepting donations, and all money donated will be used to provide the resources in the self-care boxes!

Thank you to everyone who has already supported, and thank you in advance to those who will support! Let's make sure we are taking care of our teenagers and their mental health. Let's make sure that they are choosing themselves, FIRST!


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