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  • What Colors You Should be Wearing and Why

    Tracy Nicole

    Posted on April 01 2021

    What Colors You Should be Wearing and Why

    Someone once told me that the dreams that we remember are the ones that are in color. That really stuck out to me because those who know me and who have been following my brand for a while know how obsessed I am with color meanings. The colors we wear evoke different feelings and emotions. The colors we wear most and our favorite colors are representations of who we are- our personalities. Do you understand the meaning behind the colors you wear?


  • Introducing Fall 2018

    Tracy Nicole

    Posted on September 07 2018

    Introducing Fall 2018
    It's that time of year again, where the temperature starts to drop a bit and the leaves start to change colors. With Fall comes change, and what better way to change up than to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe? I'm pleased to introduce the Fall 2018 Line.
  • 5 Years and Counting ...

    Tracy Nicole

    Posted on August 12 2018

    The fifth year anniversary is significant to both business owners and cancer survivors; I am both...